Lennox Yieke is a business journalist, marketing consultant and loyal Pan-Africanist. He has contributed content to top financial media outlets, including The Motley Fool, winner of Glassdoor’s prestigious No.1 place to work for in America in 2014. Currently he is the editor of Business Monthly, East Africa’s leading business magazine with over 220,000 loyal monthly readers. Yieke admits that the hardest part of his work is not reporting about mega business deals or pitching complex marketing ideas to clients, but confronting his African identity. He painfully agrees that while the world moves ahead, Africans at the grassroots remain ignored. But instead of complaining, Yieke is using the opportunity that Rural Reporters has presented to highlight the plight and success stories of Africans at the grass roots. “Real transformative change in Africa will only come when we empower the folks at the bottom of the pyramid and tell their stories,” he declares. Yieke can be reached at Yieke@media7groupkenya.com. Follow him on Twitter @lyieke

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