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Rural Reporters News Network [RuralReporters.com] covers under-reported issues in rural communities. We report on Agriculture, Health, Women and generally on Rural Development. One of the goals we seek to achieve is to create a sustainable media portal that will harness the power of technology to amplify underreported issues, in order to make rural communities an integral part of global development. More info? Email: editor@ruralreporters.com


We are a team of journalists, citizen reporters, photojournalists, content editors, and writers who are passionate about improving rural communities!

Interested in joining the team as an active contributor? Then please contact editor@ruralreporters.com.

Oluwabusayo Sotunde, @BusayomiSotunde, Nigeria






Catherine Nwambura, @catherinenyamb1, Kenya


Ibrahim Olalekan, @lekanpaul, Nigeria






Ritah Namwiza, @rhelmzrt, Uganda

Raymond Zvavanyange, @zvavanyanger3, Zimbabwe/South Africa


Kelvin Tembo, @kelvinvitima, Malawi






Happy Zirra, @Happy_Zirra, Nigeria


Sarah Anupi Kutahi, @SarahAnupi, Kenya

Opeoluwa Aboaba, @TomiBady, Nigeria


Andrew Mambondiyani, @MambondiyaniZimabwe/South Africa/Tanzania






Aderolake Olowojoba, @daughtozi, Nigeria


Robert Aseda, @Varaq, Kenya






Mike Okunson, @MikeOkunsonKenya

Dolapo Julius, @ItsDolapoJuliusNigeria

Wallace Mawire, @wallacemawire, Zimbabwe

Ray Mwareya @RMwareyaMozambique/Zimbabwe/SA

Innocent Eteng, Nigeria


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