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World Youth Skills Day: A Quick Visit To Michika [In Pictures]

Education and training, they say, “are key determinants of success in the labor market”. But what happens in fragile communities where young people put their dreams and aspirations in hiatus as they struggle to ensure basic needs are met?

As the world marks “Youth Skills Day” today, RuralReporters share some images from Michika, a community in northern Nigeria.

People in this part of Nigeria are rebuilding their households from the rubbles of communal conflict and are fighting for survival. While some have turned to agriculture, others embrace manual labor, developing skills along the way to make their trade more viable.

Child labor or survival of the fittest?

This female laborer earns about N200 per day from clearing farmlands for owners.


Woodcutting is a type of manual labor easily found in the North.


If you can make Suya [grilled meat], that skill will go a long way to help serve as a source of livelihood, even beyond the shores of northern Nigeria.


Nelly Ating is a Nigerian-based freelance photojournalist focused on under-reported stories in northeast Nigeria. A print journalism graduate from the American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola, she currently works as a Features Writer for the University's Office of Communications. For the past four years, Ating has been documenting faces and personal stories of refugees in Adamawa State. As a result of some of her images circulated on various social media platforms, direct beneficiaries have been matched with appropriate donor/ donor agencies.
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2017-12-11 22:24:00
great write...keep up the good work ruralreporters..commenting from ww ...
  • Daniel Dan
    2017-12-11 22:21:00
    Great write up..commenting from www.mavislibrary.com
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