What Will You Give To Have A Day Without ‘Noise’ In Lagos?

By ‘Funso Bukoye

Lagos State Ministry of Transportation has declared October 15, 2014 as ‘LAGOS HORN FREE DAY and DRIVERS’ DAY’. According to the Commissioner for Transportation, Mr Kayode Opeifa, the observance of the day would help in instilling road discipline on motorists and help in the cultivation of the right use of the horn. It would also improve road courtesy and lane discipline and draw motorists’ attention to the need for mutual respect for other road users and reduce noise pollution in the metropolis.

What would this day look like? No Horn in Lagos? Can this be real?

Some commuters and drivers in Lagos share their thoughts on the expected Horn Free Day:

Titus Bamidele (Driver)

“No horn ke? That means you want accident to happen. Most times we use the horn to tell other drivers to move forward. Will I get down to pursue the bus in front of me ni? Me, I can’t do oh.

Dayo Awodiran (Student)

I don’t think it will be possible. Look at me, I am wearing an ear piece to block these noise and listen to music. With all these drivers we have in Lagos, I don’t think it is possible.

Akpan udom (Driver)

I don dey drive for 15 years and you con dey tell me  say make one day come make we no use horn. This Fashola and new things wey e dey bring, My sister e no go possible. Oyinbo know why he put horn for car. He know say e good.

Adeniran Adedayo (Banker)

If it was a developed society, it might work. But looking at the drivers that ply Lagos road daily, I don’t think so, but I look forward to that Day.

Glory Onyechi (Employee)

It is a nice idea, but I don’t think it will work at all. No horn for a full day in Lagos? With reckless driving that is synonymous with most commercial drivers in Lagos? Hope the State Government has enough emergency officials on ground to attend to causalities that day. I am definitely waiting for October 15.

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