Ugandans, Time To Demand For Accountability Has Come

By AKAMPA R.JOHNSON TANBULL, Youth Advocacy Foundation Uganda -YAFU.


Looking at the prevailing environment in Uganda, it is getting clearer that election period is closer. President Museveni has stated it that it is not yet time to talk about 2016 or even whether he will contest or not and that he does not have to disturb Ugandans- wasting time on talking about what is in the future. He says he is only concentrating on fighting poverty and improving on household incomes. Yet he is camping in all regions, Kigezi, Tooro, Bunyoro, Acholi and recently in Busoga region again…

In my view, it is very clear that many people are warming up… others are yet to warm up to unseat those who are in the 9th Parliament , the issue of sole candidacy has become order of the day, even Members of Parliament are selling the idea and pleas to come back in 2016.

uI do agree with President Museveni when he says Ugandans should not be disturbed with elections of 2016 today. This should be the time for the current NRM Government to be accounting to Ugandan citizens or voters so that people get reasons to either elect all the current leaders depending on what has been accomplished or achieved especially those development programmes that are aimed at reducing rampant poverty and create more employment opportunities among the youth.

Recently, the Government promised to give a full statement to Parliament on the status of the Youth Venture Capital Fund. In 2012, government allocated 12.5 billion shillings to the Youth Venture Capital Fund with the main objective of providing startup capital to youth in form of loans. The loans were to be accessed from participating banks including Centenary, Stanbic and DFCU. The National Female Youth MP, Hon. Monicah Amoding told Parliament that there is a lot of uncoordinated information about the fund with some participating banks giving out loans while others stopped, claiming that the program ended.

The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, said that he didn’t have the right information on the fund but he was quick to add that the public will be availed with updated information on the fund. Further, the Woman MP, Iganga also asked the Prime Minister to give an update on the status of the construction of a Technical School in Kigulu North, Iganga district. Hon. Kwagala revealed that since its establishment 20 years ago, construction of the school is still incomplete. The Prime Minister said that it was unfortunate that the contractor abandoned the work and asked the MP to follow up with the Ministry of education and report back to him. Rt. Hon. Ruhakana noted that Technical education is at the core of the development of the country because it promotes skills development, which is pivotal in transforming the country. He said government passed the necessary policies supporting technical education including BTVET.These BTVETS have to be operation and functional not just in structures, skilled personnel and in accessible locations.

At the moment the World leaders in G20 and bodies like UN are focusing on ways of ensuring that sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Africa having the second largest population in the World next to Asia, Children and Youth being the majority and Uganda having the most fertility rate and the youngest so far in the World is something to celebrate.

But the country needs to start seeing these young people as human capital not as just mouth to feed. I advocate that they create opportunities to nurture the mindsets, shape character and apply a holistic peer to peer approach for youth to also take charge and contribute to sustainable development. Government, line Ministers, your Execellency Presindent Yoweriri Kaguta Museveni- Uganda needs not just quantities in numbers enrolled in UPE and USE but quality basic education…, let there be technical and at least a vocational institute at every sub County level, youth friendly services at every health Centre are also very vital in giving right information and services for youth to make healthy and independent choices.

Comprehensive proper planning and human ingenuity, food production will be more than enough, we MUST end corruption to boost efforts towards poverty alleviation, ensure aid and development effectiveness that will promote ownership, transparency and accountability. This will eventually lead to growth and creation of more services deliverers – the youth who have already started. is a news platform with in-depth coverage of under-reported issues in rural communities in Nigeria and across Africa. We report on Agriculture, Health, Women and generally on Rural Development. To pitch a story idea or submit a report, please email:

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