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Rural Pulse: When Working to Develop Rural Communities, Don’t Impose!

Last week, we began a new series – Rural Pulse, to feature people living and working in rural communities on what they consider as the best practice to sustainable development.

This week, which is the second in the line of series, we feature the executives behind The Humanitarians: Mr. Habib Noorbhai (Director|Founder), Miss Taahira Moola (Chief Operating Officer) and Mr. Noel Adams (Community Engagement Officer).

The Humanitarians is a South Africa-based Non Profit Organisation (NPO) that aims to create a sustainable and innovative society. It does this by empowering individuals through five different sectors: Health, Education, Sport, Innovative Sustainability and Research, instead of providing ‘toxic charity’, while providing societies with sustainable means and enable many to improve their quality of life.

The organisation among other things, work closely with people in rural communities. They do this by marrying development with humanity.

“We will always need to feed and clothe the hungry and poor but the key to sustainability of humanity is equipping them with the skills to sustain themselves and others,” they said.

On this edition of rural pulse, we ask them, based on their experience, what they think is the most important thing to note when working in community or on rural development.

Here is their view:

“Engagement and being on their level of understanding, respect for their environment and lifestyle. You are entering their space and therefore one should be comfortable and understand their lives and adapt to their environment. The aim should be to not change their situation but improve on what they already have. Look at what their needs are and not what you can impose on them.”


Busayo Sotunde is a prolific writer with special focus on Business, Entrepreneurship, Reproductive Health and other development issues in Africa. Her articles have been published by different outlets including Investing Port and She has a penchant for reading and sustainable development. Follow Busayo on Twitter @BusayomiSotunde

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