Photo Story: What Is Your Hustle?

On Sunday, I heard a story about a man who used to sell women-accessories on the street of Lagos. He hustled so hard for about four years before he stumbled on someone who loaned him one hundred and fifty thousand naira [N150,000] to shoot his first movie. You see, he was an aspiring movie producer but due to lack of funds he took on menial jobs, which included hawking goods in Lagos, on his way to become a top shot in the movie industry. And today, his story is different, for the better.

Another woman testified of how her mother used to wake her up at about 3.00AM to prepare ogi [ a Nigerian meal made from wet corn starch] which was later sold on the roadside during the day. From her elegant look, you would never have guessed she hustled so much in her youth.

Many successful people today have similar stories to tell– some too embarrassed to share. We celebrate them for having a recipe for their own success stories.

Today, I will like to share some pictures from my collections that depicts the reality of those hustling in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous state after Kano.

What is your hustle?

We hope that you have a story to tell!


HUSTLE hustle-aboki photowalk-2 photowalk-4 photowalk-8 photowalk-9


Rest if you must but don’t give up on your hustle!

A Lagos Based Documentary Photographer telling stories behind the lens and creating impact and change with his tool. He believes that indeed a picture is worth a thousand word so he takes his time to creatively construct story telling images that passes a message across in its own simple way. Feel free to join my world as we both explore. Instagram/Twitter: d4dolapo

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