Photo Story: The Aboakyer Festival 2016

The Aboakyer Festival is celebrated by the Efutu of Winneba Traditional area along the Coast of Ghana. The is one of the commonest and important festivals celebrated in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to some online sources, Deer hunting is organised in honour of the tribal god of the people of Winneba called “Penkye Otu”. The god receives an annual sacrifice of a deer from the people. It is usually celebrated in the month of May.

During the beginning of the deer hunt, members of each Asafo company offer sacrifices to the ancestral spirits to help them in their deer hunt the next day. In the morning the following day, all the members of the Asafo Companies march to Penkye Otu’s residence for a mixture of roots and herbs to be sprinkled on them. This is to ensure their safe return from the hunt. Members in the group smear themselves with clay, wear charms and amulets. After seeing the Omanhene, they set off to hunt for the deer.

Below are some of the photos of the 2016 Aboakyer Festival

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