Photo Story: Food For All Africa

Dolapo Ogundiran Julius @d4dolapo, Ghana


A few weeks ago in the beautiful city of Accra, I participated in a community service project focused on food donation, with the team from Food For All Africa. Here is my report, in pictures. I have deliberately left out the captions to allow you the liberty to interpret the message each image carries.


_MG_8746 _MG_8729 _MG_8717 _MG_8712 _MG_8698 _MG_8669 _MG_8680 _MG_8645 _MG_8722 _MG_8730 _MG_8652 _MG_8701 _MG_8690 _MG_8751


Hunger is not an issue of charity. it is an issue of justice –

Jacques Diouf

A Lagos Based Documentary Photographer telling stories behind the lens and creating impact and change with his tool. He believes that indeed a picture is worth a thousand word so he takes his time to creatively construct story telling images that passes a message across in its own simple way. Feel free to join my world as we both explore. Instagram/Twitter: d4dolapo

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