No smooth ride, No pay!

Will Lagos drivers ever change?

Barely had we moved from Agric bus stop in Ikorodu, that we had a flat tyre. Our bus driver tried to continue with the journey, while passengers implored him to stop us at the nearest bus stop, so we could catch another bus.

Just because he wanted his conductors to collect his fare, he refused to heed our plea.

One of us was bold enough to stand his ground; he refused to pay the fare, every other person followed suit. He (This bus driver) then decided to stop where it will be difficult to get a bus. He was lucky one of his colleagues came to the rescue. He, nevertheless, did not allow people without tickets to enter the bus (The option given was to stand for the rest of the journey).

Good riddance! Without much ado, I got down to wait for another bus. All of a sudden, I sighted some of us trying to get into a car. I summoned up courage and walked closer. Alas, it was a free ride. Omo, I hopped in gratefully.

Yes, I know it’s risky but God continues to order my steps.

It eventually turned out to be that the driver stopped to pick one of the passengers he knew (this passenger was the one who confronted the conductor earlier).


Aderolake chronicles her experience as a Lagos commuter on As a trained Broadcast journalist, she is passionate about connecting the link between education and communication. Her expertise lies in the ability to disseminate useful and unbiased information to help others make informed decisions. 'Rolake is also a skilled makeup artist- she loves to amplify the beauty in others. She recently branched out to explore the administrative field and currently works as an administrator in one of the leading Nursing Agencies in Nigeria.

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