Nigerians Speak: Why Today’s Presidential Election Matters To Me

Some Nigerians in Kaduna state share their experience, expectations and views during the presidential elections that took place today:


“I am here to get accredited and then to cast my vote. My expectation on the whole election process is that first, it should be smooth, Let no one be denied the opportunity or chance to cast his/her vote. I will rate INEC 50% because the time for arrival of officials was quite late and the processes have not been so well. Like several other pulling units, the card readers are not functioning or out of ten persons one will work. Also one of the places I got accredited was done manually, just through checking of a register and then verify from the card. At the end of today, I trust my Vote will count”. Geoffrey.


“My expectations after voting the right person is that he renders the proper services and represent the people the way we trust him to. I expect to see change after this election- on security especially as it is a priority for now. The securing of lives and properties will be paramount. Also, social infrastructure in cases of  good roads, water, electricity, as a whole the stand of living should improve”. Chat Joy


 “INEC is doing a good work. I hope for a peaceful election as the people are very cooperative, waiting for their turn to be accredited” Samuel.

“The INEC officials are friendly and nice. They are doing well and are up to the task. As a [young person] I believe my vote will certainly count and success will be achieved as other countries are watching to see the end result. It will be pleasing to us that at the end of the day no bad news or stories will be heard. Also as youth I won’t get myself engaged in violence of any kind as we all are praying for sustainable peace.” Jeremiah.



How was the presidential election in your community?


As a young female journalist, Happiness has a keen interest in rural growth and development, as it affects the lives of children, girls and women. She currently covers grassroots stories from rural communities in Northern Nigeria. Happiness Titus Zirra ventured into Journalism as a member of the Press Club Niger State College of Education. She served as the 'Editor-in-Chief' for one academic year and also served as a reporter. She was awarded a certificate of attendance on News reporting and News writing by Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Niger state council and also a certificate by Press Club,Niger State College of Education Minna.

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