Nigeria At 55: Discrimination Should Not Define Us!

Giant of Africa is what they call us but why do we separate the weak from the strong, the poor from the rich, the able from the disabled?  Especially that, the able from the disabled– those physically challenged.

Disability is only a function of the mind. Today, I celebrate my great nation- NIGERIA. At 55 she is, not divided but strong, not disabled but upright; in the midst of trials we stand strong. Come rain come sun we will forever hail thee. I LOVE NIGERIA.

Discrimination should not define us as a Nation!

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A Lagos Based Documentary Photographer telling stories behind the lens and creating impact and change with his tool. He believes that indeed a picture is worth a thousand word so he takes his time to creatively construct story telling images that passes a message across in its own simple way. Feel free to join my world as we both explore. Instagram/Twitter: d4dolapo

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