NGO Launches A Loan Scheme To Support Women In Uganda Villages

By Betty Bwanika

With guidance of Arise Native Strong Woman to Empower the Rest In Development [ANSWERID] Worldwide, women in Mpigi District, Central Region, Uganda, East Africa have formed groups where they can access loans in their villages through a system called Village Savings and Loan Associations.

Women can get loans ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,0000 Ug. shillings ($35 to $350).

Under this system, women are able to save their money and access small loans with ease.

At the end of every 12 months, each group divides the interest among the members along with their savings. This increases their financial worth overtime.

Rural women in Uganda are often scared of going to the bank to access loans due to reasons like illiteracy, transport and long time wait time. But with ANSWERID scheme, there is no discrimination against any woman and they are very free to share their views as regards the system.

ANSWERID Worldwide has been able to give the necessary sensitization and trainings to create awareness among the women who need the scheme.

In addition, the women are also trained on HIV and AIDS prevention methods. They are given educational materials on gender equality, mushroom growing, vegetable growing, soap making, hair shampoo making, handcrafts making, nursery-bed making hygiene and sanitation.

So far, we have received positive responses. The women who benefit from these programs have shared stories of better management and improved self-esteem.


About the Author

Betty Bwanika is the Executive Director of ANSWERID Worldwide, a women-led non-governmental organisation with focus on socio-economic empowerment of women, operating in Mpigi District. ANSWERID is an acronym that stands for Arise Native Strong Woman to Empower the Rest In Development, which is a call to women worldwide to join us forge a way forward for our vulnerable sisters.


Photo Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo

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