Meet some women in rural Tanzania who are bold for change

With support from International Women’s Media Foundation, @rural_reporters was recently part of the African Great Lakes Fellowship. In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, we would be sharing stories about women in rural Tanzania and how they are taking bold steps as a catalyst for change in their communities:

Adventina Cosoro:

For 12 years, Cosoro worked as a waitress. Today, she owns a restaurant in Ukara.

‘Having my own business has made a better woman. I am now in control of my future and I don’t have to depend on anyone.’

Deborah, Agripreneur:

Deborah, a journalist turned agripreneur

“Women should encourage each other to do things by themselves. They have to wake up and be creative in order to succeed. Don’t depend on men. Don’t depend on your parents.”

Although her business is just a year old, Deborah has been able to increase her income by more than 50 percent while creating jobs for members of the rural community where her farm is situated.

Consolata Juma:

Juma dries and sells small fishes [dagaa] near Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

 “I have four children, but none of them are involved in this business. This work is too hard. I want a better life for them. I want them to go to school and read more and more so that they can be like you”.

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