LAGOS: Only the Lazy should not eat

I thought they were horse shoes. I tried to comprehend what exactly they were in my head, I moved closer and communicated with him. “Which one will you like to buy he asked” in his pidgin dialect. I didn’t know what exactly they were even if I want to buy, then he told me a little about how he made his living selling these things . He never lost concentration on work though.

Here is the photo report of a man whose work is to refine rubber shock absorbers from used tyres. His workshop sits close to the railway along Ikeja, Lagos. He has been doing this job for as long as he can remember. He survives on this, raises and provides for the family and also add value to the end users that uses his product for their effective need.

_MG_1666 (Copy)

A Lagos Based Documentary Photographer telling stories behind the lens and creating impact and change with his tool. He believes that indeed a picture is worth a thousand word so he takes his time to creatively construct story telling images that passes a message across in its own simple way. Feel free to join my world as we both explore. Instagram/Twitter: d4dolapo

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