In A Bid To Drive Election Campaigns, Some Nigerians Deface Public Properties

By Gbemile Oluwatosin

It does not matter what part of Nigeria you live in, by now you might have noticed the various political posters indiscriminately displayed on highways and streets.

Reports reaching us have revealed an increase in conflicts between key political parties. Some argue that political parties are not being given equal treatment from security officials over where to display or not display their posters.

With the recent postponement of elections, the trend seems to be on the increase as parties make last minute efforts to push their campaign messages into every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

We have seen some campaign posters and billboards deface public properties such as bridges; electric poles, walls of government buildings, abandoned cars and other structures.

In as much as the motive behind these outdoor advertisements is to drive attention towards campaign messages, it is important for public relations officers of political parties to act responsibly and shun the abuse of public spaces.

What is the way forward Nigerians?

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Tosin Gbemile is a photojournalist based in Lagos. He is passionate about covering human interest development issues. His photo reports have been published by different media organizations. Tosin graduated from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, with a degree in Mass Communication. He blogs at Follow him on Twitter: @Gbemilecaptures

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