Empowering Nigerians To Report [@UreportNigeria]

UNICEF Nigeria has recently introduced U-report platform in Nigeria. U-Report is an SMS based platform, a user-centered social monitoring tool based on simple Short Message Service (SMS) messages [poll questions, results, and sharing of useful information] designed to strengthen community- led development, citizen engagement and positive change.

U-Report relies on volunteer community members serving as U-Reporters on a free entry free exit basis to provide information on issues in their communities. U-Report allows citizens to speak-out on what is happening in their communities, provides a forum to amplify their voices through local and national media, sends alerts to key stakeholders about the issues their constituents are facing and feedback useful information to the U-reporters, so they are empowered to work for positive change and improvements in their localities themselves.

UNICEF is currently implementing this programme in several countries including Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and South Sudan.

To Sign up for U-report, users SMS the word “JOIN” to 24453, all messages are free across all networks in Nigeria. Users will then receive automatic feedback and to sign up, they need to complete the entire registration process which entails a series of demographic questions. This subsequently allows polls to be disaggregated by gender, state or LGA.

U-Report results will be made publicly available to U-Reporters and stakeholders.

To learn more about U-reports, follow @ureportnigeria.

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