Diary of a Lagos Commuter: That Gender Stereotype

As the Tricycle (Keke Marwa in Naija parlance) I boarded approached a parked Jeep, on my way back from an outing, all I heard was “You are a wicked [people]” repeatedly! I was curious to know what the matter was. As our Keke moved past the Jeep, I peeped and saw that it was a minor accident- another Keke had hit the Jeep, denting her fender. The amazing thing was that for the seconds we passed by, the driver was still in her Jeep, shouting. And to think that she was talking to only one person! Back in my own Keke, all the three (men) including the driver began to cast aspersions at women:

“Women are always mean behind the wheels”

“them too selfish”

“and them no sabi drive”

“it is just a minor thing that can be fixed easily”.

I asked why they spoke in such manner. They blabbed on. When they saw I wasn’t responding as much, one of them said na wa o. E be like say this girl go mean o! Almost immediately, I retorted “who be girl?” Ok “woman” he said. I just ignored. There was no sense in responding.

Aderolake chronicles her experience as a Lagos commuter on RuralReporters.com. As a trained Broadcast journalist, she is passionate about connecting the link between education and communication. Her expertise lies in the ability to disseminate useful and unbiased information to help others make informed decisions. 'Rolake is also a skilled makeup artist- she loves to amplify the beauty in others. She recently branched out to explore the administrative field and currently works as an administrator in one of the leading Nursing Agencies in Nigeria.

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