Diary of a Lagos Commuter: Candy Crushed, Missed Stop

I just couldn’t wait to post this. Imagine a grown man forgetting to alight at his bus stop because he was playing game on his phone! We heard the ‘sound’ but didn’t think it was something important to note until he asked no one in particular “we have passed that fidelity bank shey?”. I was irritated. Someone replied “get down at the next bus stop, cross to the other side and take a bus back”. I’m sure the kind passenger thought he did not know his bus stop. The game man continued with his game until the final stop. I could not fathom why he would forget his stop because of something as flimsy as a game! “What game is it?” I asked. I was praying it wouldn’t be candy crush! Then he confirmed my suspicion, “CANDY CRUSH”! he replied with a gentle smile of remorse. I gave him a wry smile and shook my head. Understanding my gestures, he supplied “I use it when there is hold up so I don’t think about anything.”




Aderolake chronicles her experience as a Lagos commuter on RuralReporters.com. As a trained Broadcast journalist, she is passionate about connecting the link between education and communication. Her expertise lies in the ability to disseminate useful and unbiased information to help others make informed decisions. 'Rolake is also a skilled makeup artist- she loves to amplify the beauty in others. She recently branched out to explore the administrative field and currently works as an administrator in one of the leading Nursing Agencies in Nigeria.

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