An Initiative In NENA Seeks To Bring Small Farmers Back To The Heart Of Rural Growth And Development

In the Near East and North Africa region (NENA), more than 80% of agricultural production is provided by the small-scale agriculture. Small farmers, especially women and young people, are a vital element to reducing poverty and improving global food security. Most of the fresh food comes from small-scale agriculture, thus contributing to feeding the growing urban households. Sustainable small-scale agriculture has the potential to boost local economies, and lift communities out of poverty.

Still, despite its huge potential and although it is the major source of income in many NENA rural areas, small-scale agriculture remains neglected in major policies in the region related to agriculture or food security. Click link to download the 2-page note: agrica. is a news platform with in-depth coverage of under-reported issues in rural communities in Nigeria and across Africa. We report on Agriculture, Health, Women and generally on Rural Development. To pitch a story idea or submit a report, please email:

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