People queue up for an opportunity to pay their last respect to the dead.

A Village Burial Ceremony [In Pictures]

By Sarah Kutahi

Death is inevitable, or so they say.  Today, I decided to capture what we often fail to observe or take note of during a typical village burial ceremony… Here are some pictures to narrate the different scenes:

Women play a significant role in ensuring the success of the burial ceremony. They come in uniform – depending on the group or association – to ensure that they are easily recognised when needed to support the widow or sing to the mourners.

For the famous or well respected, some villagers go out of their way to honour the ceremony– even if it means to watch from a tree-branch.

It might be a burial ceremony but also an opportunity to network and connect.

Many villagers queue up for a turn to pay their last respect to the dead.

The animals that will be prepared for food are paraded around the compound to pay respect to the dead community leader.

Crowds sing and dance in praise of their beloved son of the soil.

Business thrives amid the watchful eye of security.

After the ceremony, the village quieten. Mourners sit in silence. And of course, a litter of cans, paper wraps, etc. lie here and there until a clean-up exercise takes place.


I am an environmental scientist graduate of Pwani University Kenya. I have five years accumulated experience in matters Environmental Management and Conservation. My work has seen me travel far and wide hence my knowledge in a wide range of fields including project management and planning, community culture and data management. I was introduced to writing when I interned as the co-editor with Environment Liaison Centre International. I recruited and proofread articles from prominent writers in the field. I contribute blog posts to Rural Reporters a site that attracts readership worldwide. Communicating contemporary issues that affect lives add to my passions in writing. Intersections between the planet, individual lives and sustainability cannot be ignored. When interacting with people from all corners of the world, I make sure to capture a story which I jot down and share with my fans on social media. I have had several accomplishments in project management and planning on Education for Sustainable Development which integrates children into conservation. With proficient data management skills from Kenya Wildlife Service at the Mombasa Marine Park and Global Vision International on terrestrial and marine habitats and their biodiversity, I can translate raw data into simple information for public consumption. I interned with Climate Action Programme for schools and the youth and Environmental Liaison Centre International as a co-editor graduate trainee where I was part of project implementation in ecosystem management and giving information on alternative livelihood sources in semi-arid areas of Kenya.

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