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#Ghana this morning.
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Charles Allan Kwenin, senior regional advisor for Africa displaying 12 passports.
According to him, this is not to brag. He needs this for being a African, a Ghanian and being Charles!
How many African countries do not need an entry visa from other African nationals? In some countries, it even takes 12 days to acquire a single entry visa!!
Too many protocols, if you will say. African governments need to facilitate free movement across borders.
Jane Karonga, an Economist at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) wants different #migration bodies in Africa make provisions for Internally Displaced Persons (#IDP) and refugees.
#Migration and #trade are not separate. It is basically two rooms in the same house. ( AUC's Ms Carolyne Tumuhimbise).
Therefore, we need to priotize movement of #business persons. This is key to Africa's economic #development process. 
@Africa #FreedomOfMovement  #movingacrossborders
Why does the African Union need to implement free movement across the #Africa continent?
Free movement helps to establish businesses, boost trade services and also promote inclusive growth.
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At the end of this forum, participants  hope that there will be a continental protocol on free movement in #Africa.
Day 2.. and we are still here bringing u live updates from the first joint annual forum for intra-regional consultations of Africa regional framework on migration.
So far, participants have agreed that Africa need to review policies and law guarding #migration.
ECOWAS Delegate speaks on #migration in west Africa. According to him, west Africa has the highest mobility rate.
If institutions take advantage of this, ECOWAS could be the highest exporter to the western world.
The African Union can borrow a leave from ECOWAS which has articulate the protocol for freedom of persons, goods and  service in 1979. Uniformity/Harmonisation of policies on #migration policies to remove confusion at the political and technical level.
Participants at the Africa forum on migration agreed that African governments need to review policies and laws guarding #migration. 
A session of international delegates attending the first joint annual forum for intra-regional consultations of Africa regional framework on #migration in Accra, #Ghana.
Prof. Aderanti Adepoju, Coordinator NOMRA and CEO of HRDC, says lack of collaboration between and within agencies  of governments affect  migration matters.
Africans arrival in Italy in January -August 2014/2015 of which #Eritrea has the highest number, followed by #Nigeria.
Emmanuel Kodjo shares his experience of trying to go to Europe through illegal means via Libya. His parents had died when he was very young and he was looking out to go to Europe for greener pasture. He spent weeks on sea, risking his life with other hopeful immigrants from Africa.
Speaking on the harrowing experience/journey, "It is dangerous. It is either you die or live. young people shouldn't try it."
His solution: "Institutions should provide jobs because if there are jobs here, we will not embark on this journey."
Participants watch a documentary on Emmanuel Kodjo, a former migrant to Europe. This is to let participants fully understand the risk people take to migrate.
One said " Life is a risk. but it's either you stay here and die of hunger or move on."
Mr Kwasi Agyare, Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and regional integration, anchors the first intra-regional consultations of Africa regional framework on migration.
Key note speakers at the first Intraregional  consultations of Africa on Migration. 
From Left -Right, Ambassador of Ghana to Switzerland, Sammie Pesky Eddico; Ambassador William Hanna, Head of European Union Delegate in Ghana; AUC Commisoner for social Affair, Dr Mustapha Sidiki Kaloko; Minister of Foreign Affairs &Regional Integration of Ghana, Hon. Hanna Tetteh ; Director Gen. International Organisation  for Immigration, Ambassador William Lacy Swing and representative of ILO Assistant Director General and regional Director for Africa, Mr Aeneas Chuma.
The stage is set for the joint annual forum for intra-regional consultations of Africa regional framework on migration. 
For the next three days. We, alongside other participants at the forum will be speaking on enhancing capacities of Africa regional frameworks on migration and how to facilitate intra-regional  migration, labour mobility, free movement of persons and integrated border management.
"Africa's rural poor do not need handouts. They need real opportunities to unlock their potential." @akin_adesina #AfDB #ruraldev #Africa #rurallife #development
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There is no food for lazy man is a popular saying! @d4dolapo shares an interesting photo report of a man whose work is to refine rubber shock absorbers from used tyres in order not to go hungry! See more at: | #RuralReporters #economicempowerment #employment #ruraldev #development #Lagos
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