Using Technology to Improve Access, Utilization and Monitoring of Health in Nigeria

“Technology is changing a whole lot of things…the way we see our health should also change.” Dr. Nkiruka Orajiaka, Product Advisor, Hugh Alies.

Hugh Alies is a technology solutions company with a focus on health. Founded a year and half ago, the Nigeria-based company and member of mhealth alliance aims to create health value among Nigerians through the use of mobile phones, email etc. thus bridging the gap between patients and their care providers.

In this exclusive Interview, Dr. Nkiruka Orajiaka, product advisor at Hugh Alies, sheds light on the operations of the company, its challenges and goals for improving health care delivery in the country.

She also explains how Nigerians can better maximize technology to improve access, utilization and monitoring of health.

Jennifer Ehidiamen is a tech-savvy journalist based in Lagos. She reports on global health and development issues in Africa for Voice of America (VOA News). Jennifer also serves as a photojournalist and communications consultant. A 2013 Innovative Young Journalist Award recipient, 2013 New Media fellow for International Reporting Project, 2010 LEAP Africa award recipient and a 2009 Atlas Service Corps Fellow, Jennifer recently founded the Rural Reports project [], a news portal dedicated to grassroots citizen-reporting. She serves as an Advisory Council member for Washington DC-based One World Youth Project (OWYP). She has published three books: "In Days to Come" (2004), "Preserve my Saltiness" (2011) and "Half A Loaf And A Bakery" (2013). Jennifer graduated from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism with a degree in Mass Communication. Follow Jennifer on Twitter @Disgeneration