U.S. Condemns Latest Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria

Following the recent Boko Haram attacks in Borno State, the United States Government has offered her deepest sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of the victims that resulted in more than 40 deaths. 

In a Press Release made available to RuralReporters, the U.S. condemned in the strongest terms the continued and widespread violence inflicted by Boko Haram on innocent men, women, and children in Nigeria and advocated that those responsible for the attacks must be held accountable.

 “These latest attacks serve as a reminder that despite progress on the battlefield, Boko Haram remains capable of deadly and destabilizing acts of terrorism.  We commend the efforts by the Nigerian military, as well as the militaries of Chad, Niger, and Cameroon for the gains they have made fighting Boko Haram. 

“We encourage the government of Nigeria to take steps to secure and govern liberated areas by filling in behind military successes with police and civilian administration.

 “The United States stands with Nigeria in the face of this threat.  We will continue to take steps to increase our support for their efforts,” the statement reads.

Ibrahim Olalekan is a media writer and specialist. His enormous task as journalist has earned him media space in some leading online newspapers. Aside being a seasoned journalist, Olalekan has keen interest in advocacy, rural development and politics. Olalekan is a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, and can be reach via: ibrahimolalekan001@yahoo.com or +2348101988313 and @lekanpaul

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