Post-Colonialism: Nigerians Express Their Views And Expectations As The Country Turns 54! [Speak Out]

We went on the street to feel the pulse of Nigerians as they marked the 54th independence anniversary today– we asked, what is your opinion about the situation in the country?  What are your future expectations? And of course, what are you doing to ensure you play your role to move the country forward?

Voices from the root:

 Niyi Ajayi

Niyi AjayiNigeria as a country is not where it ought to be in the committee of nations, but definitely not where she used to be before. However, I see Nigeria becoming a first world nation with some things place like: 1.Uninterrupted power supply. 2. Strong Institutions.  3. Selfless leadership.  4. Improved infrastructures. 5. Security of lives and property. 6. Strong Small and medium enterprises. 7. New Educational policies with main focus on entrepreneurship where classroom and real world meets.

My Role towards a greater Nigeria: I am involved in Youth Entrepreneurship, Education Advocacy, Entrepreneurship Education curriculum development, implementation and training.

Ariyasunle Olaniyi 

Ariyasunle_resized It is a most unfortunate situation we have on our hands. People’s lives have been deliberately impoverished, leaving them at the mercy of a corrupt ruling clique who should be leading instead of ruling like despots do. But I see a Nigeria where the rule of law will be a hallowed thing, where all kids will experience and know the value and joy of morality, growing without feeling inferior to others climes. Good, adequate and working infrastructure, quality educational system, great economy, flourishing research structures etc.

How to I contribute my quota to Nigeria growth? I discipline myself not to give or take bribe, be law-abiding, don’t ill comments about her, be patriotic and contribute to nation building, see others as my equals and not rivals but partners in progress.

Bakare Olarewaju Caleb

Caleb_resizedNigeria is going through her hard/tough time but she will be great through our collective synergy- by playing our parts. Even though Nigerian government has grossly failed in performing their constitutional responsibilities but we must take after this John Kennedy quote “ ask [not] what your government can do to you but ask what you can do for your country” so in my little way, I am contributing through empowerment of manpower in my startup venture.

Laz Ude Eze

laz_resizedThe reality of Nigeria’s situation is that we don’t believe in ourselves and our ability to make Nigeria a better place and our ability to solve our problems. Nigerians need to believe more in Nigeria. The leaders need to focus more on things of public interest than pursuit of selfish agenda.

I look forward to a Nigeria where the reward system is sanitised and strengthened, where impunity is eliminated in the system, where people who do good for the sake of humanity are celebrated, where every Nigerian is made to count.

On my own part, I’m contributing to the strengthening of Nigeria’s health system. I doing a radio talkshow called @TalkHealth9ja to sensitise Nigerians on topical health issues. I also believe a political atmosphere that will allow more youth contest for elections should be created. God bless Nigeria.

Olufemi David



Congratulations to Nigeria but it is quite unfortunate, that 54 years after independence things are getting worse by the day. To me, it is a time for sober reflection rather than show a shame in the form of celebration by the few merchants who keep deciding failure in all fronts for our dear fatherland… It will be a bitter truth if I say I can’t see a better future for our land with these same sets of corruption promoters we have as our apex leaders. Take it or leave it, you cannot play any role other than worsening the situation if you are not opportuned to contribute a positive quota. Nevertheless, as an individual, I enjoin all to develop a new mindset even, though it is not easy for a poor man to stay 100 percent faithful. I can only preach to those around me while I also ensure that I practice what I preach. I cannot give what I don’t have. I cannot talk where I don’t have a voice; I cannot assist where I have no opportunity to do so.


happy“Nigeria as a nation is at a crossroad and that she is going through a childbirth which is painful but no matter how painful it is, she will certainly give birth and the joy of this new born will bring about lasting peace… I see a Nigeria were the lion and the lamb will live together, a Nigeria were people will no longer look at their various tribes but will become one people of one nation, were every Nigerian will be more of a part of one one body.” Reverend Fr Anthony Dampson, Kaduna


mrs”The Nigerian national anthem which is seen as a prayer should be emulated…regardless of what Nigeria is going through presently, Nigeria is still standing firm and better than the past as I see us going through a transition which at the end will brighten what has been dark in us… my expectations for Nigeria, is the creation of a society where young people will be more focused, determined, have a loving heart and be willing to share selflessly. As a role player in Nigeria and as a parent, I will show children the right part to follow by being an example of how to be disciplined, how to love everyone no matter where he/she is coming from and how to give no matter how little, for the bible says ‘bring up your child in the way of the Lord and he will never depart from it.” Mrs Grace Jatau.


In pictures: Independence day celebration at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Sabon/Tasha Kaduna north:

IMG_20141001_110039 IMG-20141001-01172

And you? What is your take on today’s anniversary celebration?


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