Photo Report: Hustle and Struggle in Heavy Downpour

I decided to explore the community in the heavy rain while I took a walk around the vicinity for compelling stories in images. Due to the bad road which I would not refer to as an abandoned or delayed project by the government of Ogun State, but definitely the people of Alagbole community somewhere in Ogun State has found the slow project task challenging by daily using the road as a major point of convergence to town.. The rain really had its impact on the community.

Images Below

_MG_1237 (Copy)


The boy seemed less concerned about the downpour but decided play in the rain



The struggle to get his rickshaw out of the flood while other passengers came down to help


The heavy rainfall would not stop us from doing our daily business. We hustle even in the rain

_MG_1286 (Copy)

We still had to keep the neighborhood clean..

_MG_1310 (Copy)

Laziness is only an excuse for hunger.

_MG_1243 (Copy)

This is what happens when a rural community is left unattended to.. 



A Lagos Based Documentary Photographer telling stories behind the lens and creating impact and change with his tool. He believes that indeed a picture is worth a thousand word so he takes his time to creatively construct story telling images that passes a message across in its own simple way. Feel free to join my world as we both explore. Instagram/Twitter: d4dolapo
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