Nigeria DHS Data Shows Stagnant Contraceptive Prevalence Rate

Below is Nigeria DHS data (via showing the stagnant Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) for the past 10 years despite the efforts and the funds provided by various agencies and donors:

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Data source:



A recent voxpop (text) by Olalekan Paul Ibrahim, a Lagos-based journalist, on Nigerians’ attitude towards female contraceptive reveals a negative perception towards the product. He asked men if they will let their wives/girlfriends use female condoms and asked women if they use it.

Their responses:

Asogba Abigeal (Female), a first year student of the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) Lagos: “I can’t use it.”

Adetayo Omobolanle (Female), an employee: “I can’t. I have never tried it so I cannot really say if I can or I cannot.”

Blessing Okuruku (Female), a primary school teacher with a private school in Ibadan:  “I cannot use it. I prefer to have sex without condom with my boyfriend and since we are both sure of each other’s status and faithful to each other, there is no need of me using it.”

Afolabi Abiodun (Female), an ND 2 student of Lagos State Polytechnic: “No. I don’t know how it looks like. I’ve not seen it before and I can’t even use it.”

Olawunmi Hotonou (Female), a Personal Assistant to a Managing Director in a reputable firm in Lagos State: “I can’t use It; it looks scary as if it is going to enter into the ovaries.”

Joshua Awolumate (Male), a Graphic Designer with a firm in Lagos State: “I don’t know the condom; I have never seen it before. What I don’t know, I can’t give advice on it. I don’t know what you are talking about; I don’t know what it looks like, I am just hearing it.”

Oguntuashe Olaolu (Male), a 500 level student of the Department of Quantity Surveying, University of Lagos: “I can allow my partner or girlfriend to use female condom. Reason being that it is to protect ourselves from HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) during sexual intercourse. Also, one other reason is to avoid unwanted pregnancy during sexual intercourse. It is best to always keep oneself safe from HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Odita Richard Ameachi (Male), a Script Writer and Actor: “Base on the question, yes I can allow her use a female condom because everybody is aware of what is going on. Female condom, just like male condom is meant for protection and if such things were created to protect ourselves, then I will definitely allow her to use it.

Okunola Sodiq (Male), a driver: “What does she want to use it to do? I can’t allow her to use it.”


About the Author

Ibrahim Olalekan is a media writer and specialist. His enormous task as journalist has earned him media space in some leading online newspapers. Aside being a seasoned journalist, Olalekan has keen interest in advocacy, rural development and politics. He has undergone intern with The Punch, Nation, and Sun Newspaper and was one time Political Editor of Happenings, Associate Editor of MassCope Magazine, Production Manager of UnilagSun, and has also featured in several other publications. Olalekan is a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos.
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