Morocco Ranks In Top 10 Of 2015 Climate Change Performance Index

The 2015 Climate Performance Index named Morocco “one of the global forerunners in renewable energy policy making,” ranking the country among the top 10 making the most progress in addressing climate change and number one among developing countries. In conjunction with the European Climate Action Network, German Watch—an independent development and environmental organization dedicated to sustainable global development—annually evaluates and compares the climate-protection performance of the 58 countries that are responsible for more than 90 percent of global CO2 emissions. Morocco’s ranking of 9th overall in this latest report represents a 6 point improvement over last year.

The index was released to coincide with the opening of the Lima Climate Change Conference, which ended last week. In Lima for the conference, US Secretary of State John Kerry emphasized that while “no one country can reverse the degradation of our climate,” “science has given us the tools to deal with the broad array of causes and we must find a way to build the political will to start taking the steps today that will cut our emissions and save our planet tomorrow.”

The Climate Performance Index report commended Morocco for continuing its “upward trend,” stating, “Especially noteworthy is that the kingdom has not only adopted ambitious renewable energy targets, but also supported its commitment with an increasing number of solar and wind projects as means to secure climate-compatible development.” Morocco’s solar plan, which includes the construction of large projects in five locations, aims to provide one fifth of the country’s annual electricity by 2020, and the Ouarzazate Solar Power Complex is the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant. Combined with Morocco’s wind energy program, the country expects to generate 42 percent of domestic energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.




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