Kaduna Youths Hold Community Dialogue On World Contraception Day

Kaduna female condom youth advocates marked the World Contraception Day by engaging young people in Romi and Sabo, Kaduna south in a community dialogue. The program kicked off with presentations led by two members of the team- Hosea Bako and Christy.

“There are insufficient inclusion of Female Condoms [FC] in reproductive health (RH) and HIV prevention documents, male condoms are promoted more than female condoms, also none of the policies or plans identify specific strategies for increasing availability and access to FC and reference to female condoms in context of most at risk population which has left an undesired effect on the uptake of the product,” said Christy, while addressing the team.

The youth at the community dialogue – ninety-nine percent of them have never seen a female condom and are not aware of it usage as a contraceptive against STIs, HIV and unplanned pregnancies – were glad and appreciative of the knowledge gained. During the dialogue, the participants targeting more awareness creation, accessibility, affordability, FC variety signed petitions and FC inclusion in polices on HIV/AID and sexual and reproductive health of young people in the Kaduna state.

After the event, young people were called upon to share their views and opinions.

Istifanus Iliya, the Romi district youth secretary, said, “I will rate the present government above average base on the initiatives so far, fixed or prepared, are all good and I urge the government to further fund agencies working with and for young people, in order to save lives. Also, I will like the female condom to be more accessible to both sex than the male condom because it will prevent cases of STIs.”

Kasham a young lady said, “My message to women all over– they should start to promote and use female condoms, also programs such as this should be encouraged in order to enlighten women more on the use of FC as we are at a higher risk of contacting diseases. I plea to Kaduna state government and the state ministry of health, to aid in promoting programs within communities to a create awareness among young people especially women about their sexual and reproductive health. Also women should be encourage to attend seminars and programs that will help broaden their knowledge on health issues.”

Roslen Ishaya when asked about her opinion of girls who walk with condoms in their bags, said “I feel it’s smart for a girl to carry condoms in her bag, the urge doesn’t send a notice, So to be on the safer side, it is only appropriate for ladies to carry condoms, just as the men do. This will not only prevent me as a girl but also my partner.”

A young vibrant and active participant during the dialogue, Job Marcus said, I have only heard about female condoms but have never gotten the opportunity to see it. Am happy I attended this program, which has really shared more light on female condoms and it advantages. I believe all those who are here today are fortunate to have gain more knowledge not just on female condoms but lots more. If I am opportuned, I will definitely promote the use of FC and I hope to attend more of such event.

As a young female journalist, Happiness has a keen interest in rural growth and development, as it affects the lives of children, girls and women. She currently covers grassroots stories from rural communities in Northern Nigeria. Happiness Titus Zirra ventured into Journalism as a member of the Press Club Niger State College of Education. She served as the 'Editor-in-Chief' for one academic year and also served as a reporter. She was awarded a certificate of attendance on News reporting and News writing by Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Niger state council and also a certificate by Press Club,Niger State College of Education Minna.

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