Rt. Hon. Najeem Folasayo, Speaker Osun State House Of Assembly

INTERVIEW: Social Media is Instrumental to The Emerging Change in Nigeria Politics – Rt. Hon. Najeem Salaam Folasayo, Speaker OSHA

Popular Nigerian social media influencer, Jubril Gawat (@jag_bros) met with Rt. Hon. Najeem Folasayo, Speaker Osun State House of Assembly where he conducted an online media chat, using the twitter platform to ask questions relating to the state of affairs in Osun State.
QUESTION 1. by @95icon .. How can you help the State of Osun to be saved from its situation of having 75% of Workforce dependent on Govt ?
Speaker: We have to increase the IGR of the State of Osun to take care of other needs without increasing the burden of citizenry. We’ll try as much as possible not to increase the burden of citizenry unnecessarily.
QUESTION 2. @oluseun_akin: How true is the report of you walking out on some lecturers some months ago ?
Speaker: That is not true. The secretary of the union cleared the air on Channels TV that i did not walk out . When the session became rowdy, the executive were invited to my office for proper deliberation.
QUESTION 3 from @oluseun_akin: When will Local Government Elections be held in Osun State?
Speaker: The state Government is working on it to ensure credible election soonest.
QUESTION 4. @SimplyTEEWHY: What is the current financial Situation of the State of Osun?
Speaker: It cannot be separated from the financial situation of the whole country.
QUESTION 5. @Adeola0503: What is the current Salary situation of Osun State workers?
Speaker: They are being paid in accordance with the MoU signed with the state government. The workers have been paid up to September 2015 . We are also working hard to get them paid before the year runs out.
QUESTION 6 @EniolaJimoh: What is delaying the Land Use Charge Bill?
Speaker: So as not to increase the taxes on people unnecessarily, there are existing laws that goes against that. If properly implemented, the problem will be solved.
QUESTION 7. @JAG_BROS: What is your opinion on the Anti-Social Media bill being proposed by the National Assembly?
Speaker: It is no news that social media is instrumental to the emerging change in Nigeria politics.

QUESTION 8. @95icon: Dont you think the O’YES Program be canceled?

Speaker: Well, there is no alternative now for the teeming unemployed youths. When we have better alternatives, it will be scrapped.
QUESTION 9 @NajeemFSalaam: Is it true that Osun State is owing N128b? If no, what then is the real figure? Speaker: The figures decrease every month. For now, I don’t have latest figure but it’s obviously below the figure mentioned.
QUESTION 10: What is the plan to create a sustainable IGR in Osun state seeing that it is in serious financial crisis? Speaker: When we deliver as we plan to do, there will be willingness on the part of the people to pay their taxes.
QUESTION 11: Can you tell us the yearly budget performance of Osun since 2011?
Speaker: Year 2011-2013 were excellent; 2014 above average and 2015 is below average because of the dwindling nature of the FAC.
QUESTION 12: How can Nigerians in diaspora be of help to the State of Osun?
Speaker: ANSWER; They can do a lot in terms of investment – it is the key to development.
Question 13: Your final note sir:
Speaker: Thanks to all our online audience. I appreciate your comments, criticism, suggestions and questions aimed at moving the State of Osun forward. Thank you!

Ibrahim Olalekan is a media writer and specialist. His enormous task as journalist has earned him media space in some leading online newspapers. Aside being a seasoned journalist, Olalekan has keen interest in advocacy, rural development and politics. Olalekan is a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, and can be reach via: ibrahimolalekan001@yahoo.com or +2348101988313 and @lekanpaul

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