Community GateKeepers: Pay Your Fees Or Return Home

I got a taste of the 25 minutes ‘compulsory exercise’ of community gatekeepers this morning… the Estate where my work place is situated was practically under lock.

Today was set aside for the inspection of payment receipts of the Estate Residential dues. Show your evidence of payment, you are allowed to go out of the Estate, if not, you get turned back at the gate… hahaha. Shuttles couldn’t work either. My interest in this was the fact that I saw men and women who deferred their ages and got out to make sure that residents paid their dues. They are not younger than 50 years of age (judging by appearance). That’s community service if I must say. I am aware that some other organised residential areas also engage in this. I think it is worthy of emulation- holding people accountable thereby making them become more responsible.

Aderolake chronicles her experience as a Lagos commuter on As a trained Broadcast journalist, she is passionate about connecting the link between education and communication. Her expertise lies in the ability to disseminate useful and unbiased information to help others make informed decisions. 'Rolake is also a skilled makeup artist- she loves to amplify the beauty in others. She recently branched out to explore the administrative field and currently works as an administrator in one of the leading Nursing Agencies in Nigeria.

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