A Man’s Perspective: Women And Girls Deserve Equal Right To Education [#Choice4Life]

By Olumide Idowu @OlumideIDOWU#Choice4Life Advocate

The #16DaysofActivism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that starts on 25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and ends on 10 December, Human Rights Day. The campaign hopes to raise awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and international level.

This year’s theme is “Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women”.

I decided to fight for the right of women and girls around the world and my focus on this #16DaysofActivism gear towards ‘EQUAL RIGHT TO EDUCATION”.

Below are tweets I dedicated to all Women and Girls in the World. TweetIT and share with friends to also RT.

Each year, almost one in five girls under 18 in developing countries gives birth. #Choice4Life

#Women & #girls face a major gap in access to & use & ownerships of ICT. #Choice4Life

Delays in marriage are associated with greater educational achievement & lower fertility. #Choice4Life

Lower fertility can increase women’s life expectancy & has benefits for children’s health & education. #Choice4Life

When more women are elected to office, policy-making increasingly reflects d priorities of women. #Choice4Life

Property ownership can enhance women’s agency by increasing the social status of women, amplifying their voice. #Choice4Life

Poverty increases gender gaps: #Girls living in poor households are almost twice as likely as their richer peers to marry young. #Choice4Life

Intimate partner violence is also more frequent & severe in poorer households across such diverse settings as #Nigeria. #Choice4Life

Women’s groups & collective action play a pivotal role in building momentum 4 progressive reform. #Choice4Life

Strong women’s movements are associated with more comprehensive policies on violence against women. #Choice4Life

When more women are elected 2 office, policy-making increasingly reflects the priorities of women & gives responsiveness 2 citizen needs. #Choice4Life

#Education is a key part of strategies 2 improve individuals’ wellbeing & societies’ economic & social development. #Choice4Life

As female education rises, fertility, population growth, & infant & child mortality fall & family health improves.

Increases in girls’ secondary school enrollment are associated with increases in women’s participation in d labor force. #Choice4Life

Women’s increased earning capacity, in turn, has a positive effect on child nutrition. #Choice4Life

Children, especially daughters of educated mothers re more likely 2 be enrolled in school & 2 have higher levels of educational attainment. #Choice4Life

#Education is d single most important determinant of both age at marriage & age at first birth. #Choice4Life

#Educated women generally want smaller families & make better use of #RH & #FP info. & services in achieving their desired family size. #Choice4Life

Women’s ability to choose d number & timing of their births is key to empowering women. #Choice4Life

As individuals, mothers, & citizens, but women’s rights go beyond those dealing with their reproductive roles. #Choice4Life

Women should be able 2 fulfill their aspirations outside the home, 2 d benefit of themselves & their families. #Choice4Life

Opening economic opportunities 2 women has far-reaching effects, but those benefits can be reaped only if women receive at least a basic #education. #Choice4Life

Efforts 2 improve female education in #Nigeria need 2 go beyond rhetoric & should involve policies & programs with measurable results. #Choice4Life

Making infrastructure, services, & tech accessible 2 #girls & effective in meeting their needs 4 safety, connectivity & mobility. #Choice4Life

Facilitating adolescent #girl engagement in civic, economic & political life is key. #Choice4Life

Continuing 2 advocate 4 making violence against #girls & #women visible & unacceptable both in private & public domains. #Choice4Life

Strengthening data, measurement & d evidence base in relation 2 d empowerment of & violence against adolescent girls. #Choice4Life

Did U know dat women’s literacy rates re significantly lower dan men’s in most developing countries? #Choice4Life

#Education is important 4 all, but essential 4 d survival & empowerment of women & #girls. #Choice4Life

Investing in #girls’ #education is one of d most effective ways 2 reduce #poverty. #Choice4Life

#Women who re #educated re more likely 2 marry later, ve smaller families, understand healthcare & how 2 access it. #Choice4Life

“I am only talking about #education, women’s rights & #peace. I want poverty 2 end in #Nigeria. #Choice4Life

“I want every #girl in #Nigeria to go to school.” – #Education4All #Choice4Life

“I don’t mind if I have 2 sit on d floor @ school. All I want is #education. And I am afraid of no one.” – #Education4All #Choice4Life

 “I want this school not only to empower #Nigeria #girls, but also their mothers, fathers, & entire villages.” #Education4All #Choice4Life

Make your voice count.


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